Holiday Child Safety Alert For San Diego Families!

Our Top 5 Safety Tips

To Keep Your Child Safe

This Holiday Season

Eliminate Slip and Fall Hazards:

If you know your kids just can’t wait to see what Santa brought, make sure they can see where they’re headed. Leave enough light on to eliminate falls down the stairs and trips to the emergency room!

Eliminate Fire Hazards:

If you use candles, make sure you keep them out of reach of young hands and use containers that won’t tip over. Put candles out right away when you’re done. Keep lit candles away from curtains, trees, and wrapping papers. Better still, use electric candles that have the UL label and don’t have any worn or frayed cords. And most important: once that tree starts showing any signs at all of drying out, it’s time to be recycled!

Eliminate Poisoning Risks:

Even small amounts of alcohol can poison young children. Don’t leave any half-finished drink glasses lying around after the guests have left. And don’t leave after-shave, cologne, perfume or aromatherapy oils lying around either; young children can mistake them for something that’s O.K. to drink . . . and they’re not!

Toy Safety:

No toys with small parts that can choke children under age 3. No toys with sharp edges or with heating elements for children under age 8. Always read the labels for age and safety recommendations!

Make Sure Your Child Has The Right Helmet:

Bicycle helmets and skateboarder’s helmets protect different parts of the head better. Bicycle helmets focus on injuries to the front of the head, skateboard helmets focus on injuries to the back of the head. Having the right gear for the right job can save a life!

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