What Others Say About The San Diego Child Injury Law Center

Before you took over my son’s case, nothing had happened for years. In less than a year from  taking over their case, you made sure that my son would be taken care of for the rest of his life.

– Maria S.

The preparation and presentation submitted to this Court by counsel was, by any standard, phenomenal.  The advocacy skills exhibited by counsel were likewise unparalleled and consistent with the highest degree of professionalism. . . . Counsel exhibited the utmost integrity and credibility.

– Los Angeles County Superior Court order

When you get up to speak, everybody in the courtroom knows exactly what’s going on.

– Imperial County Superior Court bailiff

I know of no lawyer who works harder, digs deeper into the facts and law, and cares more about his clients than Steve Tucci.

– R. Christian Hulburt
Past President, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego

Steve Tucci, a fine trial lawyer and Tierrasanta resident, saw much of his community ravaged by wildfires.  Steve was touched by the loss and devastation around him and had a heartfelt desire to do more. So instead of standing on the sidelines, Steve donated over 100 hours of his time to citizens of this community, helping them with issues ranging from what to do when their next homeowner’s insurance bill came due, helping them negotiate settlements with their insurance carrier, and even helping them deal with contractors in connection with rebuilding their homes. Steve was deservedly honored by the Community Response Team and Volunteer San Diego in association with the Community Fire Storm Recovery Week for his work. He received commendations from the U.S. Congress, California Senate, California Assembly, the County of San Diego, and Volunteer San Diego.

Afterwards Mr. Tucci remarked, “It has been a great privilege to assist Tierrasanta residents through the rebuilding process; they deserve every bit of community support available to them as they continue the journey to recovery.” Steve’s assistance came from the heart and he truly deserves the commendation he received. It would certainly be nice to hear the government agencies that commended him point out the positive contribution Mr. Tucci, the trial lawyer and human being, made to society rather than focusing on the negative.

– Robert J. Francavilla, Attorney
Past President, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego

Dear Mr. Francavilla: I read with interest your President’s Column regarding Trial Lawyers and the good they have done for the community. Most important to me and the group that I represent was the part regarding Stephen J. Tucci, Attorney at Law.  I first encounted Stephen Tucci’s name in the Tierra Times, the Tierrasanta newspaper, offering free advice and assistance to the Fire Survivors of Tierrasanta.

Your logo says “Never stand alone” and until I contacted Steve that is exactly how it felt. Unfortunately there was no group active in recovery here, no place we could turn to for assistance.  We finally started our recovery group, and Steve became a valued member of that group. He attended every meeting that he could, he made himself available before and after the meetings. He met with others for several hours at a time helping them understand the complexities of their building contract or their insurance paperwork. I remember a time when a lady came early to our meeting and waited outside just to speak with Steve. I remember the time Steve came in and went and sat beside one of our elderly members and gave her a hug. She had come especially to see and speak with him.What makes a special person? It’s the ones who come with no expectation of payment, no promise of their name in lights, no camera crew behind them to catch their every word. It’s the ones who take time out of their busy day and their families lives to give a little to others who are hurting so bad.Kindness and caring enriches our lives, consideration for others gives us gifts untold. When our lives are so full it’s hard to find the time to give to others. What we don’t realize is that the giving energizes our souls.

Today, an exact year after our first meeting, our progress is phenomenal and a lot of that is due to the assistance and knowledge shared by Steve Tucci.  I know that I speak for the group in thanking him, and for passing on to you the major difference he made in our lives. This one “human being” who just happens to be a lawyer, saw a need and offered his services with no strings attached. That’s a special person, a special friend and an awesome neighbor. Thank you for honoring him with your words. I just think you are mistaken on the hours he has given “pro bono” – surely it must be much more than that. Thank you for including him in your article.

Melody L. Morse
Tierrasanta Fire Recovery Operations Coordinator

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